The Cégep du Vieux-Montreal partners with various craft schools as part of its technical crafts program. Students enrolled in the jewellery concentration will take general courses such as literature, philosophy, and physical education; courses specific to all craft concentrations such as starting a craft business and drawing from observation; and specific courses in jewellery, which are given at the EJM.

This program is available in french only.

Registration is via the Service Régional d’Admission du Montréal Métropolitain (SRAM).

For all courses in the program, visit the Cégep du Vieux-Montréal.

For admission requirements, please contact Ms Cynthia Beaudin at 514 982 3437 extension 2205 or email


The specific courses in the DEC jewellery concentration are:

Semester 1
  • Basic construction and assembly techniques
  • Advanced construction and assembly techniques

Semester 2

  • Shaping techniques I
  • Knowledge and integration of stones (Gemmology)
  • Lost wax sculpture

Semester 3

  • Jewellery: Style and Society
  • Shaping techniques II
  • Technical drawing and jewellery illustration
  • Techniques for jewellery reproduction
Semester 4
  • Construction and integration of hinges and joints
  • Construction and integration of settings and stone setting
  • Techniques and integration of surface treatments
Semester 5
  • Manufacturing and integration of findings and catches
  • Design, manufacturing and production management of limited edition jewellery
Semester 6
  • Organization and management of a jewellery workshop
  • Jewellery repair techniques
  • Design, manufacture, and distribution of a one-of-a-kind piece
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