Rules and Regulations

Safety, respect for the equipment and trust are essential values to any jeweller. For a harmonious shared workspace and learning environment, we require visitors, students, and staff to follow these rules and security protocols.

Always follow the safety rules taught by teachers, whether to do with the handling of certain equipment and tools or with materials. At the jeweller’s bench, always adopt the appropriate physical posture. In addition to the specific rules for each teacher and course, certain behaviour should be respected by all:

  • It is compulsory to wear a lab coat or apron in the workshops. ÉJM is not responsible for damage to clothing;
  • Safety glasses must be worn at all times in the workshops;
  • Loose clothing, untied long hair, uncovered feet (sandals), and high heels are never allowed in the workshops. It is not recommended to wear synthetic fabrics in classes and while working in the workshops.
  • Certain equipment or materials, such as polishing tools, tools in the machine room, and acids cannot be used without receiving instructions or approval from the professor and/or assistant.
  • Toolkits should be kept out of the way so as not to impede traffic in workshop classes.
  • It is strongly recommended to keep only the necessary tools on the work surface. Work surfaces must be free of any object or paper that does not relate to the immediate task.
  • Common and shared equipment must remain functional and clean.
  • Coats, jackets, bags and other personal items should be left in the closet. No clothing should be on chairs or on work surfaces.
  • Radios, MP3 players and cell phones are prohibited during classes, open workshops and in the corridors.
  • All food must be consumed in the cafeteria/lunch room. Beverages are allowed in the classroom but should always be in containers with lids (please bring your own).