Nature contest winners

The Nature contest was for many of you an opportunity to photograph a piece that you are found of.

Unless you keep everything in a small box or make jewellery exclusively  for your own use, the picture is the best way to archive your work and share your work even if it is no longer in your possession. The photographer must do justice to the skills of the artisan, without neglecting any details, with all the technical constraints that implies. Many have found that the exercise was far from being easy, we salute your efforts.

We would like to thank the members of the jury who took the time to analyse all the pictures we received. Firstly Basma Osama ceramist behind the brand Ceramik B. Annegret Morf, jeweller & Matthieu Cheminée jeweller & teacher. Thank you for rating each image thoroughly.

And now we shall unveil the winners!

First prize:


Émilie Trudel  Sabine PouquetOriane MeyerMaxime Proulx

Émilie Trudel, Tagua 03
Sabine Pouquet, Nature décomposée
Oriane Meyer, Weapons Factory
Maxime Proulx, Jardin secret

These four winners won a cash prize of 250$ courtesy of our partners.

Second prize:

Lucie Veilleux

Anne-Marie ChampagneMagali Thibault Gobeil

Lynn Delabays

Lucie Veilleux, La forêt québécoise
Anne-Marie Champagne, Rouge et Blanc
Magali Thibault Gobeil, Corail
Lynn Delabays, Conception

L’École de Joaillerie de Montréal offers these four winners a one-day workshop or their choice in autumn 2013 or winter 2014.

To admire the jewellery displayed in our virtual gallery, click on the following link.
Congratulations to all winners, thank you for your participation.

Thanks to our partners:



Image à la une:
Croyez-vous que l’hiver sera rude?
Création de Catherine Lachapelle, crédit photo: Oriane Meyer