Le Labo, interview with Noël Guyomarc’h

On September 18 will take place the opening of the exhibition Le Labo. L’École de joaillerie de Montréal met with the gallery owner Noël Guyomarc’h  to discuss about this adventure that began in 2010.










How did the idea of these creative workshops come about?
After an invitation from L’École de Joaillerie de Montréal, I organized creative workshops, in 2009 and 2010, to help students find new ideas for their projects. Through various simple exercises, I helped them find new designs and esthetics. This group was very stimulated and enthusiastic. The college programme is particularly demanding and the reflection and questioning on the jewellery was not very present. Numerous final projects, even if they were technically sound, seemed to all take the same direction they were often too busy with complex designs and compositions. This is normal, students must show that they have mastered different techniques learned during their training. The group that graduated in 2010, suggested to continue with occasional meetings at the gallery to share and work on new avenues. The first year was just as experimental for me as for them, as well as invigorating and exciting. And from there on -Le Labo was born.



















I believe Le Labo spans over two years, right?
The formula is now well established. In the first year, participants must create jewellery or objects from imposed themes. The themes vary a lot and rarely repeat themselves year after year. It may be the exploration of new materials, to question jewellery as an object or finding unusual inspiration. The explorations of the first year, help to discover and understand the possibly of languages associated to a piece of jewellery. Participants receive a theme and they work in their studios. Meetings are planned at the gallery to discuss the results and then a new topic is launched for the next meeting.
As for the second year, we continue the research to create a collection, to create one of a kind pieces or limited editions. Often in the first year, ideas emerge and take participants into unexpected directions. I become a guide and push the participants to continue the thought process.








Are you surprised by the reception and visibility of the projects and the participants?
Le Labo’s results never cease to impress me. Furthermore, some works even obtained national and international visibility which has not been the case for our Québéçois jewellers. By accompanying students in the research process, this has enabled them to gain greater visibility that they would of probably not have so quickly.








What will we find in this exhibition?
This exhibition will showcase new jewellery from these young designers. The results of a formal and informal research, jewellery made of avant-garde materials alongside more familiar ones. What surprises from these collections is the diversity of the proposals. None of the artistic intentions are alike, which is what I really like. Every one finds his or he own language, mode of expression, aesthetics and concept. For this exhibition I assemble all participants that had completed the two years from 2010 to 2015. As I said, since it`s existence numerous participants have received national and international acclaim. They have taken part in shows in Canada, The United-States, Europe, Asia, and many have received prestigious awards. I wanted to highlight the excellence of their artistic and professional achievements over the course of the last 5 years
















The exhibition Le Labo Nouvelles propositions du bijoux de création au Québec / New perspectives in Jewellery in Quebec will be presented at the Gallery Noel Guyomarc’h from September 18 till October, 18 2015.


Photos:  Anthony McLean
Magali Thibault-Gobeil, Katia Martel,
Catherine Granche, Catherine Sheedy,
Samuel Gélinas Lemay, Maude Lauzière-Dumas,
Émilie Dell’Aniello, Émilie Trudel,
Annie Loiseau,
Marie-Maude Brunet,
Gabrielle Desmarais, Anne-Marie Rébillard.